Risk Disclosure

Risk Disclosure for Purchases of Investment Vehicles

General Risks Disclosure

Finance Advice advocates the ownership of precious metals primarily as a store of value and for asset preservation purposes.  That said, some investors own precious metals as a speculation with the hope of making a profit, necessitating the following disclosures of risk.  All investments involve risk.

Prior performance of precious metals cannot be used to predict future performance. An investment in bullion and coins yields no interest. Investing in these items may not be suitable for everyone. Precious metals coins and bullion are not insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or any other government agency.


Investors should have knowledge of any and all  investment vehicles they choose to invest in. Adequate cash reserves and disposable income should be available before entering into any investment.  Finance Advice is not liable directly or indirectly for market losses incurred by individuals as a result of their purchases from third party sellers recommended on this site.


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