How to Pick the Best Investment Company

How to Choose the Best Investment Company

Be very thorough when investigating which company you are going to choose when investing your money. Know what to look for when evaluating companies. Some are very good and some are very bad. Understand what you need to watch out for and compare. We have compared and listed the top gold companies and reviewed them for you. We of course have our own pick, but you must decide for yourself.

Individuals are often fearful of retirement today. Once a person stops working, then the idea of surviving without employment becomes quite intimidating. These days, companies continue to reduce retirement benefits of their employees. This leaves individual investors responsible for securing their future in retirement.

If a person wants to achieve more than scraping by after they stop working, then they’ll need to consider solid and profitable investment options available today. Most investors will find that a 401(k) to gold Individual Retirement Account rollover is their best option by far.

Things to Know Before Investing

After choosing gold as an investment, investors will need to choose a gold company. Choosing the wrong option here could lead to catastrophic results. Outrageous administrative fees, poor plan options, bad customer service, and even fraud can arise here. While most companies are indeed reputable, each IRA needs to be as secure and safe as possible. For that reason, investors should investigate all gold company options and IRA plans before committing to a given option. Merit Gold and Morgan Gold both went out of business due to customer complaints of fraud and bait and switch.

Most people don’t know how to pick the right gold company. Here are some research tips.

Reputation and Experience

A company’s record speaks far more about itself than its promises. In that vein, investors need to make sure that each company features a verifiable history, real testimonials, and a reputation for fairness. Nobody wants to jump from flimsy paper investments into a forge where profits melt away because of poor company management.

IRA Policies and Fees

Flat fees are almost always preferable compared to complicated plans with hidden costs. Each person needs to be aware of every applicable fee at all times. Also, it’s important to realize that companies that try to hide one fee often try to hide many others. Hidden fees can destroy a third of investors’ retirement savings, so these details matter.


Great investment companies offer flexible and balanced plans or services to meet investors’ needs. For most people, countless questions come to mind. A company that considers each person’s needs, no matter their investment amounts, is always recommended.

Ratings From Reliable Sources

A simple way to assess a company’s reputation or history involves researching consumer watchdog organizations, such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB), TrustLink, and Business Consumer Alliance (BCA). Such organizations maintain and help remedy consumer complaints against such businesses. Therefore, investors can figure out how many complaints a given company has received, along with other ratings information.

Custodial Details

Once again, self-directed, gold-backed IRAs must be controlled by an approved custodian. A gold company’s custodial agreements and arrangements are vital. The wrong factors could reduce a person’s gold-buying power. With that in mind, research the following things:

* Do storage fees get calculated on scaled or flat rates?

* How fast are orders processed?

* Are commingled and dedicated gold storage solutions available with easy transfers between accounts?

* Are natural disasters common near the facility?

* How are transfers currently handled?

* What security and monitoring practices are in place?

* Can investors easily communicate with the custodian?

Excellent Customer Service

Superior customer service is a staple at the best gold companies today. Such companies make the effort to explain their IRA plans in detail and help their investors roll over each 401(k) or IRA account. During the search, potential investors should figure out how responsive a company’s client-services team is. How friendly the staff is and the balance of overall policies are important, too.

The risks associated with market collapses, devalued currencies, and inflation are reduced by Gold IRAs. Luckily, finding the best investment company reduces the risks associated with large administrative fees, pushy salesmen, custodial issues, and poor service from companies that don’t stand behind their plans, services, or products.

Therefore, we recommend the following company:

Regal Assets, LLC

The Best Gold IRA Company

Planning for retirement comes with countless uncertainties. Recently, financial companies have started including retirement questions in advertisements because of how worried consumers are today. Millions of individuals lost their financial well-being after the economy crashed in 2008. At that time, stock-based IRAs lost the majority of their value. A gold-backed IRA offers protection against such collapses, along with inflation. Choosing the right IRA requires that investors ask the right questions and perform the proper research.

Strengths Regularly Displayed By Regal Assets

After performing hours of research, it was clear that Regal Assets features the strongest reputation among precious metals dealers. All of these companies provide self-direct plans for IRAs, allowing investors to see high gains due to increasing gold and other metal prices. Gold IRAs always come with safety, security, and protection against inflation or market collapses. By choosing a gold IRA through Regal Assets, investors can minimize the risks against their retirement plan.

This particular company consistently demonstrated strengths that propel it toward the top of every IRA rankings list that matters. Such benefits include:

* Trusted Reputation

* Low Fees

* Focus on Customer Services

* Friendly Staff

* Simple IRA Plans

* Reliable Physical Gold Storage Options

* Knowledge and Experience

* Fast Delivery

In this day and age, any company can fail without warning. Not all people can benefit from investments that others gain from. Choosing the right investment company requires handicapping a company based on its experience, reputation, investment plans, and policies. In a thorough review, it’s apparent that these benefits come from dealing with Regal Assets:

  1. Transparent and Low Fees

Each IRA plan charges flat, low fees so that investors don’t have to worry about losing profits to fees. Investors will find that the fee schedule is predictable and transparent to aid in retirement savings. Hidden costs and surprises aren’t found here.

  1. High Trust Ratings

Regal Assets gets high marks from consumer watchdog agencies today. A gold dealer’s complaint record must be checked through TrustLink, the BB, and Business Consumer Alliance to avoid problems in the future. These days, business owners know complaints, misinterpretations, and disagreements are a part of doing business. Only the best companies try to resolve these complaints immediately, though.

This dealer attains the gold standard as far as reputation is concerned. Hundreds of endorsements, high ratings, and glowing testimonials are available for the dealer. Currently, around 500 endorsements easily demonstrate Regal Asset’s positive image. Such recommendations come from highly ranked experts, independent reviewers, financial consultants, and even real clients. Consider the company’s record with consumer watchdog organizations:

* Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Regal Assets has an A+ rating and has been accredited ever since October 2009. Click Here

* TrustLink

The dealer has a perfect score from TrustLink, too, with an A+ rating. Countless positive reviews are available from clients. Click Here.

Business Consumer Alliance

With the BCA, the company has a AAA rating and earned a triple crown for consumer-organization endorsements. Click Here.

  1. Unmatched Customer Service

Unlike other gold dealers, Regal Assets always strives to execute orders with maximum precision. Staff members will never use unscrupulous sales tactics or even bait-and-switch moves on clients. Other companies tend to favor a single gold product, and that product won’t always be legitimate. However, Regal Assets is open and unbiased with its clients. This includes providing answers to all questions and making recommendations after being requested to do so.

  1. Salespeople That Educate Investors

If investment and IRA questions arise, then the staff gives thoughtful resources and answers. Each person takes a balanced approach that doesn’t lean toward a given investment. Plus, salespeople provide tools for research, answers to questions, and recommend the best possible investment strategies.

  1. Clear and Simple Policies

The dealer’s policies won’t confuse or mislead clients at all. Regal Assets makes it a point to explain each plan in-depth. Likewise, clients will receive assistance in creating a new accounts or rolling over an existing 401(k) or IRA. All investors will be given free Gold Investment Kits to improve their understanding of investing in gold today.

  1. Secure Storage Options For Wary Gold IRA Investors

For some reason, many investors overlook the custodian that a given dealer uses for their Gold IRAs. The average person will assume that companies are interchangeable due to their government approval. All seasoned investors know that’s not the case, though. Therefore, custodial details come with noticeable variation, and these differences can make investors’ gold unsafe or unsecured.

Not all vaults are built equally, but Regal Assets utilizes Brinks Global Services, one of the most respected names in the industry. Storage policies, fees, and customer service can vary, yet Brinks offers incredible performance in every aspect. The company regularly appears atop annual best of lists. Brinks offers the following benefits for each gold IRA account:

* Segregated Storage

Each plan includes unallocated and allocated storage options. For instance, unallocated previous metal storage is more akin to generic investments that give investors a small portion of gold or silver at fair market value. On the other hand, allocated storage works like a safe deposit box, which contains specific metals tied to specific investors. Brinks uses segregated storage, making deposits safe from theft.

* Flat-Rate Fees

Complex weight-base fees can remove dividends from a person’s gold investments. Flat fees are far more cost-effective and worthwhile. Of course, gold IRAs benefit greatly from flat fees, if regular deposits are made. Regal Assets charges an annual flat fee or $150 related to the use of Brinks. The industry average is $225 today.

* Storage Options Offshore

Investors can instead choose to store their gold offshore to protect metals from government action. Such an issue can arise more often than investors realize after all.

* Transfer and Monitoring Solutions

Brinks only utilizes integrated software to monitor its gold storage 24/7. Also, full insurance coverage is available, and the company takes liability for transfers or shipments, which are protected by armed guards and vehicles.

* Location

Vault location matters far more than most investors realize. Brinks places its vaults in the safest locations, protected from natural disasters, theft, and other situations.

Storage Scam Examples

Opting for the wrong gold storage company or dealer can lead to major issues. In 2011, a company called UBS found itself sued for charging for storage on silver that it never purchased. Other companies have found themselves sued for charging fake storage fees and scamming their clients. Segregated storage helps mitigate this problem, and so does choosing the right dealer.

  1. Knowledge and Experience

Regal Assets has handled IRS and precious metals for decades now. Each investor receives expert advice on investing strategies and taxes, no matter how much money they’ve invested with the company. On top of that, countless solutions are available to increase one’s investments and create higher returns.

  1. Accurate Order Fulfillment

RA guarantees all deliveries within seven business days, no matter how a precious metals IRA is funded.

When investors consider Regal Assets, they should clearly understand that the company is top in the industry. Regal Assets won’t provide the best experience for every single customer, though. In the end, investors need to make sure a given dealer meets the criteria that they care most about. Few precious metal dealers attain higher ratings from clients and outside organizations than RA, though. To minimize risk and create a Gold IRA that works for the investor, individuals should always consider RA.

Why Choose Precious Metals?

Choosing precious metals as an investment is vital for ensuring that a person can retire comfortably. During times of poor market conditions, precious metals often outperform the market by a wide margin. Such metals even represent a relatively high level of security that’s found nowhere else.

By investing in metals, investors create a hedge against a hazy future. This helps insure that investors can retire well, no matter the state of the economy. A gold backed IRA helps investors spend more time enjoying retirement, rather than forcing them to pay close attention to the markets.

The Gold Rollover Process

Rolling the balance of a 401(k) to a gold IRA often proves relatively simple and straightforward. If an 401(k) is funded and held by an employer, each employee can request a distribution from that account to one backed by precious metals if they allow it. Otherwise, individuals that have left their company already or their employer’s investment plan does not allow gold IRAs need to work with a custodian to handle the rollover process. A gold custodian can then help individuals handle their new IRA, purchase precious metals and choose the type of storage they want. Such a quick and painless process helps investors take control of their futures.

Rollover to Gold IRAs is Painless

If investors are serious about their future, the best decision possible involves rolling over a 401(k) to a great gold-based IRA. Undoubtedly, this decision allows investors to take command of their retirement. The decision even helps ensure that investors can live in retirement without having to work another day. Finding the right assistance throughout this process can help a person complete the transition without a problem. Make this decision now in order to create a better future in retirement.

Working With A Gold Custodian

Each person needs to work with the right gold custodian in order to get the most from their rollover IRA. Of course, not every gold company is the same and as an investor you need to find the companies worth dealing with. Similar to other types of investments, how an investor manages their gold backed IRA dictates how the investments grow. The best custodian or portfolio manager is necessary to find success here. In choosing the right service, investors ensure that they’ll maximize their profits and avoid the constant headaches associated with investing for and during retirement.

Fees Associated with Gold Backed IRAs

Investors need to consider the fee schedule for these types of accounts. Each investor can expect a one-time seller’s fee that varies based upon the vendor chosen. Also, one-time fees are often charged when an account is created. Since the government requires custodians for traditional gold IRAs, custodian fees often come for protective services. For gold IRA purchases, approved storage facilities are a requirement, not a recommendation. Gold storage fees are often charged annually.

Make sure you investigate each company before making a decision on how to choose the best investment company.

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