Top Ten Gold Mining Companies

Top Ten Gold Mining Companies Worldwide

(1). Barrick Gold Corporation (TSE: ABX) – a pure gold mine this is the largest worldwide. They operate twenty six gold mines as well as pipeline project that lay across North and South America, Africa, and Australia.

They issued a report last year that established the company had around one hundred and thirty nine million ounces of probable and proven gold gold reserves. It is ranked among the highest in terms of not hedged reserves.

Barrick Gold as one main objective, and that is to be the top gold company in the world. They will attempt to achieve this by locating, acquiring, and then producing and developing only top quality reserves that are stored in a profitable, safe, and responsible manner.

(2). Newmont Mining Corporation (TSE:NMC) (NYSE:NEM) – This mining company operates worldwide,  8 countries in North and South America, Africa, Asia, and Australia. Most of their assets and operations are held within Peru, Ghana, Indonesia, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, and the United States.

In 2008, in North America, Newmont acquired a large undeveloped North American greenfield called ‘Hope Bay’ and hopes of following with new exploration projects in Ghana and Peru.  The company remained focused on its Australian production located at Boddington, with more exploration exposure involving Eurasian Minerals Incorporated (CVE – EMX), and on to ongoing projects located in Eastern Europe, Austral-East Asia, Haiti, Turkey, United States, and the Kyrgyz Republic.

Newmont boasts of being the first mining company to become part of the DJSWI (Dow Jones Sustainability World Index), S&P Index,  and Fortune 500. It has goals of developing technology solutions for gold mining.

(3).  AngloGold Ashanti (NYSE:AU) – This company is based in South Africa, and is one of the top producers of gold. It has 21 total operations all across 4 different continents and over 10 countries that include Namibia, Ghana, Mali, Brazil, Guinea, Argentina, South Africa, Tanzania, and Australia.

This company supports thorough exploration attempting to locate new gold resources. The spent a total of approximately two hundred million on exploration programs last year. By the end of 2009, their total amount of proved gold and probable reserves was seventy one million ounces. The company’s goal is to become the global leader for gold mining companies. They are dedicated to protecting natural environments as well as preserving the values and safety of its people. They strive to minimize costs while maximizing shareholder profits.

(4).  Gold Fields Limited (NYSE:GFI) – This company is a gold producer with reserves in Peru, Ghana, South Africa, and Australia. Most of their operations are gold production based in South Africa. They have operations in Beatrix, South Deep, Driefontein, and Kloof. Their operations in Peru are mainly involved with activities dealing with surface and underground gold mining and mining of copper. This includes the exploration, the extraction, smelting, and processing.

The company has a big interest in a project aimed at platinum exploration. They reported having seventy eight million gold ounces with equivalent reserves. They boast overall mineral resources that reach an estimated two hundred eighty one million ounces.

(5).  Newcrest (ASX:NCM) (PINK:NCMGY) – This company operates 7 gold mines that are located in Indonesia, Papau New Guinea, and Australia. They are involved with 6 operating mines which are –

  • Cracow (in the Gladstone Region of Central Queensland)
  • Cadia Valley Operations (combines Cadia Hill & Ridgeway)
  • Telfer Open Pit
  • Telfer Underground (in the Pilbara Region in Western Australia)
  • Kencana (Indonesia)

And it has more exploration activities and projects going for gold/copper and gold deposits within Canada, Peru, United States, Fijii, Indonesia, and Australia.

(6). Kinross (TSE:K) – This company is Canada-based and has 8 operations located in Ecuador, United States, Russia, Chile, and Brazil. Their annual report states they are ‘fueled by a new output coming from Paracatu, Kupol and Kettle River-Buckhorn’. They recorded their top production level of two million two hundred four million ounces, resulting in a twenty two percent gain topping their 2008 reporting.

As of last year, Kinross had reported their gold reserve to be at nearly forty six million gold ounces. They are a company that is committed to workers’ safety and the preservation of the environment.

(7). Goldcorp Inc. (TSE:G) – This company hosts operations in North America, South America, and Central America. Their annual report states that they “continue to be the leader of growth among all senior gold producers”. They have a forecast of a fifty seven percent production increase over the coming five years.

Their President and CEO, Chuck Jeannes, says they experienced yet another record-breaking year (2009). Their gold production increased to approximately two and a half million ounces at most of their mines, based on organic strength alone. Their objective is being a low-cost producer of gold operating around the globe, and having a minimal impact on the environment.

(8). Yamana Gold (TSE:YRI) – This company is Canadian-based and is involved heavily in gold production, exploration properties, development stage gold properties, and has land positions located in Colombia, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, and Brazil. They have approximately nineteen and a half million ounces of gold reserves along with forty six and a half million ounces in total mineral resources.

(9). Agnico-Eagle Mines (TSE:AEM) – This company has mining operations in Northern Mexico, Nunavut, Finland, and Quebec. It has operations and exploration activities located in Latin America, United States, Europe, and Canada. Their goal is to grow their gold reserves until they reach between twenty and twenty one million ounces, and do it by the end of this year.

(10). Polyus Gold (MCX:PLZL) – This company is Moscow-based and is an OJSC (Open Joint Stock Company). It is the leading producer of gold in Russia as well as Kazakhstan. It operates mines and holds development and exploration projects in five gold producing regions in Russia which are –

Amur Regions
Republic of Kazakhstan
Republic of Sakha

They have a probable and provable reserve amount of around seventy one million ounces. This figure is based on a report conducted by Micon International.

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