Gold Storage

Gold Storage

Gold Investment and Storage

Just as people do not walk around with all their hard-earned cash in their pockets or stored in their houses, gold owners should not walk around with all their earned gold in their bags or buried in their gardens. Gold storage facilities provide gold owners a safe and secure storage of gold, just as financial institutions provide cash owners a safe and secure storage of cash. In essence, everyone seeks a safe and secure storage of his/ her investments to guard against an unforeseen occurrence that would cause the loss of their (investors) investment.

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Since time immemorial, gold has been viewed as one of the best investments due to its durability and store of value. In recent years, political influences, economic fluctuations, currency inflation and natural disasters have rendered traditional assets (hard cash, real estates, bonds, futures and stocks) risky and unreliable; forcing people to flee to precious metals. With the ownership of precious metals, such as gold, the issue of safe storage comes into question. There are many vaults around the world that have physical gold (coins, bullion and bars) worth trillions of money stored.

Why use gold storage

Government requirements

Gold, especially in IRA (individual retirement accounts), is required, by governments, to be stored in approved, third party custodians. IRA gold owners are not allowed to store their gold anywhere they please, but those people who own gold items for reasons other than IRA can store those gold items anywhere they want. It, thus, goes without saying that anyone who wishes to invest gold in his/ her retirement account must find a government-approved storage for his/ her gold, whether he likes it or not. In the US, IRA gold can only be stored in IRS-approved vaults.

Gold Storage Safety and security

Gold is precious and chances are that if it is misplaced or stored inappropriately, it can be stolen; incurring the gold owner huge losses. Gold storage facilities provide strong buildings that are water and fire-proof to keep the gold in good condition. Additionally, these facilities provide tight security measures that prevent misappropriation of the gold (by the corrupt staffs who may work in such storage facilities) or theft. Added security of gold may also come in the form of insurance covers that guarantee a refund of the stored gold’s value if, for any reason, that gold is destroyed or lost.

Hassle-free transactions

Gold storage providers not only provide the physical facilities that hold the gold, but also provide services such as helping gold owners buy or sell gold. People who store their own gold not only run the risk of losing their gold to fake buyers, but also selling it at low prices. Again, gold owners, who hold their own gold, might take long before finding the right buyers or finalizing the transaction. Gold storage facilities, on the other hand, conduct all the transactions on behalf of the gold owner; saving him/ her precious time and costs.

Off shore and on shore gold storage

There are various gold storage facilities that include on-shore and off-shore storage facilities. On-shore gold storage vaults include storage vaults that are owned/used by gold dealers such as Regal Assets, Gold Silver, Gold Money, in the country where the investor lives.  An off shore gold storage refers to a gold storage facility that is located outside the residence country of a gold owner.  For instance, an American might store his gold in a gold storage facility in Canada or Austria using a storage facility like Brinks used by Regal.

Advantages of offshore gold storage

All investments (cash, precious metals, real estates, etc.) stored in a person’s own country are, in one way or another, subject to any and all rules that may be imposed by the government on such investments. For instance, a banning of gold ownership, such as occurred in the US in the 1930s, would lose all gold owners valuable investments. Storing gold in off shore storage guards such gold from political influences, natural disasters and economic dips that may affect a person’s country of residence.

Whether a person owns few gold coins or bars/ bullion of gold worth millions, finding a safe and secure gold a reputable gold custodian is paramount. Choose a company that provides insurance coverage, safety and security of your stored gold..

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