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Investing for retirement should start from the time a person attains the age of 18 years and gets into meaningful employment. However, it is never too late to start and imperative you start now. There are many investment plans. The two most popular plans are 401k and traditional IRA. Annuities have also been very popular. In the recent years Gold backed IRA plans have become extremely popular because of the benefits offered by gold. Whichever plan investors choose, the importance of investing for retirement should be emphasized to ensure that everyone starts early.

A gold backed IRA is an individual retirement plan where physical gold is held in the account instead of paper assets and cash. Investors who have been saving through the 401k plan can easily convert their accounts into a gold backed IRA through 401k rollover, a simple process that takes very little time to implement.

Ideally, saving for retirement should start at the earliest possible age. As soon as you get a job, you need to sign up for any of the pension plans that you qualify for. You should also do your best to contribute enough money to ensure that your employer matches your contribution to the maximum allowable amount. When saving for retirement in the course of your career, you should never make an early withdrawal, because that comes with additional taxes and penalties that may significantly reduce your nest egg.

Anyone who is investing for the long term has one major concern; inflation. This is what erodes the buying power of money. In other words, a penny saved now is worth much more than the penny you will get after a few years. The best way to protect your portfolio or retirement savings account from the effects of inflation is hedging using gold, or any other type of precious metal. Gold is a commodity and because it is traded it’s price often fluctuates. High inflation leads to higher gold prices and vice versa. If you own gold, the value of your portfolio will always be adjusted for inflation at all times; that’s what every investor wants.


Currency is only valid when there is a government enforcing and regulating it. If the enforcing authority ceases to exist, the currency will collapse totally. On the other hand, gold is a commodity and a currency with a very high demand and it is a rare precious metal. This means there will always be demand and the price will go up.

When it comes to investing for retirement, gold backed IRA or a 401k rollover to gold is trending today because it is very popular to use physical gold as the true “gold standard” when saving for retirement. In fact, the view from top investment professionals is planning your retirement savings has never been more important in this uncertain economy. For instance, the use of gold for an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) is easy with the help of investment experts that view gold as “currency,” and not just a commodity.

Another aspect of investing wisely with gold for a retirement account is linked to gold being the money of choice for many wise money managers today. In turn, these investment experts often advise their clients about converting a 401k to a gold IRA because gold offers a more stable economic future for those in their retirement years. According to guidance from the Internal Revenue Service, it is best to hire an individual retirement account custodian when opting for a gold IRA.

Choose Gold as Part of Your Portfolio for Retirement

  • – Gold has a true intrinsic value because it cannot be manufactured.
  • – Gold has multiple uses, including use in jewelry and high-tech systems
  • – Gold is a rare metal and will always be in demand
  • – Gold IRAs having no restrictions from the IRS or the federal government
  • – Gold is an easy to set-up in a gold IRA when working with your IRA gold custodian

Choosing a gold IRA is one of the best moves you can make in today’s uncertain economy for retirement. Gold continues to be the leading “credible” source for retirement investors today.

To buy gold you will need a credible gold custodian to help you set up your gold retirement account. Currently Regal Assets is the top and most trusted gold custodian. Below is a list of the top five Gold Investment Companies.

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#1 Regal Assets
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#2 Capital Gold Group
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#3 Rosland Capital
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7 Complaints
(21 reviews) $225 per year

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